Orget Sadiku

"Orget and you won't forget"

Orget’s proven ability as a master musician of the Saxophone and extensive experience in live performance, enables him to create sophisticated and classy environments for his clients, from weddings to corporate events.

Orget is considered among many of his peers and industry professionals, as being regarded as one of Australia’s best leading saxophone players and all round entertainers. Having toured all over Europe, Australia, NZ and the US,

Orget has also managed to secure local residencies at several leading night clubs including Sydney’s no.1 celebrity club IVY. Some of Orget’s highest achievements among many include:

Wining first place on ‘Albania’s Got Talent’

Recording one of his hit songs ‘Mr. SaxoBeat - by Alexandra Stan, gaining over 300 million views on


Performing weekly on live TV for several national Albanian TV shows such as “E Diell” and “Portokalli”.

Apart from playing the Saxophone, Orget is also a singer and a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist, being ableto play the Clarinet and Piano.As well as being a composer with over 8 years of production experience, he is growing from strength tostrength as a contemporary musician from the studio to the live stage.

Saxophone music is the perfect entertainment answer to your corporate Private event or wedding. To add that special touch to your party, consider incorporating the stylish sound of a solo sax, playing a selection of smooth jazz, funky & house, Latin tracks and love songs. As an experienced professional saxophone player, Orget can help create a sophisticated mood for your wedding, private party or corporate event. He can also set just the right tone as your guests arrive in the form of foyer music.


Solo Sax to backing tracks performing Jazz/ American Song Book or Chill Out/ Funky House Ambient.

Sax & DJ

Sax & Singer

Duo with Sax and Guitar

4 piece band n.c.b


Photographer: Ardit Sadiku

Musician: Orget Sadiku stage name "Orget Sax"

Location: Manly Sydney 2016