Australia's Leading Entertainer

"Orget and you won't forget"

(+61) 424 290 681

Orget Sadiku is a talented artist and saxophonist with a lot to say and a remarkably unique sonic vision. His music is catchy and easy to relate to, yet it is quite groundbreaking and powerful. What’s really amazing about Orget’s skills as an artist is definitely the fact that he knows no boundaries to his creativity. Some days, he might feel like creating a melodic ballad. At other times, he might prefer to go for an explosive EDM banger or a unique funky track. Anything goes when there is so much creativity and vision!

Orget puts a lot of personality into the sound of his music, and what makes his sound even more dynamic is that he knows how to serve the songs with great lead melodies and astonishing performances, loaded with passion and character in equal doses.


Orget Sadiku | Saxophone Player